Monterey, CA | October 24-26, November 21-23, 2019


Registration to attend a Basic Training Event by the Personal Transformation Institute and supplemental online materials.

Trainor: Tyler Orr



EMDR Basic Training with the Personal Transformation Institute, meets and exceeds the EMDRIA requirements. The complete training includes 10 hours of consultation. Other trainings offer only 1 part at a time and do not include the cost of consultation in the total training package.

The training will meet from 7:55 to 5:10 daily.

We will meet on zoom for 2 hours between the training, this is optional. Tyler will send a link to the group.

The 2 three day training periods cover the Adaptive Information Processing Model, the 8 Phase EMDR Therapy treatment approach, including adaptations for working with Children, Recent Trauma, Dissociation, Phobias and other specialties depending on the needs of the participants.

This training is informed by attachment and somatic therapies. Due to the intensity of trauma training, resources are taught and experienced throughout the training process as a way to keep participants engaged and emotionally regulated. These resources include somatic and attachment informed methods that are especially helpful in working with traumatized clients. By making the training safe, complex ideas simple and the atmosphere as fun as possible, the learning experience is optimized.

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