6 Day EMDR Training | Atlanta, GA 

September 24-26, October 22-24, 2020

The Essentials:


1030 Fayetteville Rd, Atlanta, GA 30316


September 24-26, October 22-24, 2020



The Details:

The 6-Day Basic Training with Personal Transformation Institute provides clinicians with an experiential understanding of EMDR therapy so that they may integrate EMDR into their practice. The Basic Training results in you being EMDR Trained and eligible to pursue certification in EMDR Therapy.

Personal Transformation Institute is an EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Training provider. This training meets and exceeds the requirements set by EMDRIA for initial trainings in EMDR.



The Basic Trainings meet for a total of 50 hours. Over the course of two weekends, participants meet daily from 7:55 am to 5:05 p.m, with lunch from 12 pm to 1 pm on their own.
Between the weekends, participants meet virtually with their PTI Trainer for 2 hours for a video conference. This training builds the 10 hours of consultation into the weekends.


1. InstructionThrough engaging visual presentation and interactive lecture, participants will be instructed in:
a. The history of EMDR, including research and foundational overview
b. The model of EMDR: the concept of Adaptive Information Processing
c. The methodology of EMDR: the 8 Phases, as well as working with special populations and understanding professional, legal, ethical issues

2. Practice
Under the supervision of the PTI Trainer and their Assistant, participants will practice various components of EMDR Therapy in groups of two or three, using their real-life experience as a basis for practicum. Because of the potential intensity of this kind of practice and training, participants will be instructed in somatic (body-based) resources to regulate affect and remain safe.

3. 10 Hours of Consultation
At the beginning and end of each day, participants will consult with their PTI Trainer to receive feedback and instruction concerning real cases, specialized topics, and further development of EMDR therapy skills.

Learning Objectives

Days One through Three:

  • Identify 3 components of the EMDR Approach designed to provide effective treatment with clients
  • Describe 3 important existing research studies
  • Name the 8 phases of EMDR therapy for comprehensive treatment and how to implement the phases with clients
  • Identify the criteria with EMDR therapy to safely and effectively implement EMDR therapy with clients
  • Describe 3 aspects of the AIP Model for effective case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • List 6 types of client complaints treatable with EMDR therapy
  • Describe the criteria for client selection and how to apply to client cases
  • Describe 3 safety measures for effective and safe use of EMDR therapy

Days Four through Six:

  • Describe 3 resources to help clients stay within the window of tolerance
  • Describe protocols for closing down incomplete sessions
  • Describe 3 resources to use with difficult or resistant clients
  • Describe a treatment plan to choose and prioritize targets appropriate for EMDR
  • Describe strategies for dealing with highly emotional responses
  • Describe strategies for dealing with dissociative symptoms and phobias
  • Describe strategies to treat more complex trauma-related disorders

EMDRIA approved training programs in EMDR Therapy are open to mental health professionals who are licensed (or certified or registered) by their state or provincial government for the independent practice of psychotherapy.

Training programs are also open to advanced graduate students, interns, and other mental health professionals on a licensure track, with a letter of support from their supervisor.

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