Welcome and Trust: A Journey to Authentic Spirituality

"Faith in the biblical sense does not mean maintaining that certain assertions are true; rather it is a relationship of trust between humanity and God. God believes in us. God trusts us and hopes that we return the compliment. Because God has confidence in us, we can develop a healthy self-confidence."-Richard Rohr Alice Stricklin, LMFT [...]

Relationship, Balance and Connection with Authentic Spirituality

 Author, Alice Stricklin, LMFT, MFT is a trainer for PTI, Personal Transformation Institute Alice has a special interest in how to work with Christian clients with S.A.F.E. EMDR.  She is in private practice in Lebanon, TN. I identify myself as several things.  I am a mom, a wife, a marriage and family therapist, a trauma [...]

Did Meditation Save the Soccer Team?

The recent story of the Thai boys soccer team and their coach, Ekapol Chanthawong, has been an incredible show of human spirit and community. One specific part of this story that caught my attention was the acts of the coach, who is a former monk, and his ability to use mindfulness techniques to persevere through [...]

EMDR and The Yellow Brick Road

Rebecca (Becky) Erven is a part of Team PTI, she is a Senior Training Coach and an EMDRIA Consultant in Training.     As Dorothy tapped her sparkly red slippers together and repeated “there’s no place like home” she helped us realize that “wisdom is not so much granted by a wizard or teacher so [...]

Top Down Processing: Why it doesn’t work in Therapy or Consultation

I have been a psychotherapist for more than 2 decades. Over time I have seen many amazing things as well as some very boring things. The amazing things happened when the client was able to tap into a part of self that was deeper than the thinking mind. In those times we were amazed by [...]

EMDRIA approved trainings or PESI EMDR Intensive trainings?

What you don’t know about EMDR trainings can cost you. As an EMDRIA approved training provider of EMDR Therapy Training and Advanced Trainings, I understand how difficult it is to get trainings approved through the EMDR professional organization, EMDRIA. I also understand how important it is to educate the public about why choosing an EMDRIA [...]

Persistent Pain as an “Answer”

By Tyler Orr, LPC/MHSP A member of Team PTI EMDR is based on a theoretical model called the adaptive information processing model, or AIP model. The AIP model states that most pathologies are derived from earlier life experiences that are maladaptively stored in the nervous system. As a mental health professional, especially one who holds [...]

Enhancing a Powerful Model by Alice Stricklin, PTI Trainer

  Taking charge. Being in control. Having power.  This is one of my answers.  It’s helpful in so many ways.  I’ve had leadership, after leadership position throughout my life.  People see my ability and comfort with being in charge and promote me quicker, put me in charge quicker, ask me for input quicker.  It also [...]

How is Somatic and Attachment Focused (S.A.F.E.) EMDR different from traditional EMDR Therapy?

Somatic and Attachment Focused (S.A.F.E) EMDR was developed by Deborah Kennard after many years as an EMDR trainer, teaching Francine Shapiro’s training through EMDR HAP and the EMDR Institute.  It was developed to address some common blocks that many therapists were experiencing when working with clients who have experienced complex trauma.   The ultimate goal of [...]

The Phoenix of Transformation

Transformation is often not pleasant.  It sounds like it should be and many of us may be actively seeking transformation.  Most of the time we are thrown into transformation by life and unavoidable circumstances. As a psychotherapist and a teacher of other psychotherapists, I often see people who are trying to deal with the result [...]

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