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Enhancing a Powerful Model by Alice Stricklin, PTI Trainer

  Taking charge. Being in control. Having power.  This is one of my answers.  It’s helpful in so many ways.  I’ve had leadership, after leadership position throughout my life.  People see my ability and comfort with being in charge and promote me quicker, put me...

The Phoenix of Transformation

Transformation is often not pleasant.  It sounds like it should be and many of us may be actively seeking transformation.  Most of the time we are thrown into transformation by life and unavoidable circumstances. As a psychotherapist and a teacher of other...

You can’t handle the truth!

When management of the truth is a problem, it often looks like frustration with relationships, work or some other area in which a person is feeling limited or unsatisfied.

Memories, Lies, Love and Vulnerability

My oldest son got engaged to be married yesterday. It is such a wonderful happy time in his life and for all of us. Even seeing two people in love feels good. We all love to be in love, but for many love is fleeting and often elusive.

Memories, Lies and Limitations

Anything that keeps you from being a shining star is either a lie or a memory. What is limiting you? What is keeping you from the life you want to live?

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