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Why are we called Personal Transformation Institute?

Deborah Kennard, MS, PTI Founder We are called the Personal Transformation Institute for a reason.  We offer an invitation for Personal Transformation for all who seek it.  Notice we say all who seek it and not all who need it.   This includes: Training Participants...

The Dance of the Answer

              It was our 9th or 10th session.  They all blurred together.  It almost felt like de ja vu.  We weren’t getting anywhere. The client was not experiencing any movement and was getting frustrated.  I was getting...

The 4 E’s of Resourcing: The S.A.F.E. approach to resourcing

Written by Deborah Kennard, Founder of Personal Transformation Institute.     The concept of resourcing causes much confusion in the therapy world. There are resources like “grounding” and the “container exercise” that many view as techniques to be performed on the...

Memory: How the Past Manifests Within the Truth of the Moment

By Deborah Kennard, MS, PTI Founder When you hear the word “memory” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s something positive, like a fond memory from your childhood. Or maybe the word “memory” activates for you a string of unpleasant life events. Either way, the word itself...

Welcome Bennett, a Luminous, Shining Star!

I am forever changed by the brilliance of love, manifesting as a tiny baby boy named Bennett. On Saturday, November 10, 2018 I met a brilliant shining star at 7:36 p.m. Bennett was born and before I saw his face I knew his light. I've known him forever in my heart and...

Permission to be Patient

“Whether you’re patient or not, time will pass, life will continue to move forward. Choosing patience simply makes the journey less nerve-racking.” Franco Colomba Alice Stricklin, LMFT is a PTI Trainer. She lives near Nashville, TN. One of the greatest gifts we can...

Welcome and Trust: A Journey to Authentic Spirituality

"Faith in the biblical sense does not mean maintaining that certain assertions are true; rather it is a relationship of trust between humanity and God. God believes in us. God trusts us and hopes that we return the compliment. Because God has confidence in us, we can...

Relationship, Balance and Connection with Authentic Spirituality

 Author, Alice Stricklin, LMFT, MFT is a trainer for PTI, Personal Transformation Institute Alice has a special interest in how to work with Christian clients with S.A.F.E. EMDR.  She is in private practice in Lebanon, TN. I identify myself as several things.  I am a...

Did Meditation Save the Soccer Team?

The recent story of the Thai boys soccer team and their coach, Ekapol Chanthawong, has been an incredible show of human spirit and community. One specific part of this story that caught my attention was the acts of the coach,...

EMDR and The Yellow Brick Road

Rebecca (Becky) Erven is a part of Team PTI, she is a Senior Training Coach and an EMDRIA Consultant in Training.     As Dorothy tapped her sparkly red slippers together and repeated “there’s no place like home” she helped us realize that “wisdom is not so much...

Top Down Processing: Why it doesn’t work in Therapy or Consultation

I have been a psychotherapist for more than 2 decades. Over time I have seen many amazing things as well as some very boring things. The amazing things happened when the client was able to tap into a part of self that was deeper than the thinking mind. In those times...

EMDRIA approved trainings or PESI EMDR Intensive trainings?

What you don’t know about EMDR trainings can cost you. As an EMDRIA approved training provider of EMDR Therapy Training and Advanced Trainings, I understand how difficult it is to get trainings approved through the EMDR professional organization, EMDRIA. I also...

Persistent Pain as an “Answer”

By Tyler Orr, LPC/MHSP A member of Team PTI EMDR is based on a theoretical model called the adaptive information processing model, or AIP model. The AIP model states that most pathologies are derived from earlier life experiences that are maladaptively stored in the...

Enhancing a Powerful Model by Alice Stricklin, PTI Trainer

  Taking charge. Being in control. Having power.  This is one of my answers.  It’s helpful in so many ways.  I’ve had leadership, after leadership position throughout my life.  People see my ability and comfort with being in charge and promote me quicker, put me...

The Phoenix of Transformation

Transformation is often not pleasant.  It sounds like it should be and many of us may be actively seeking transformation.  Most of the time we are thrown into transformation by life and unavoidable circumstances. As a psychotherapist and a teacher of other...

Life. It just feels like a moment.

Life is only a moment, one after another, each a precious, amazing gift. Life is here, waiting to be noticed and enjoyed.

You can’t handle the truth!

When management of the truth is a problem, it often looks like frustration with relationships, work or some other area in which a person is feeling limited or unsatisfied.

Memories, Lies, Love and Vulnerability

My oldest son got engaged to be married yesterday. It is such a wonderful happy time in his life and for all of us. Even seeing two people in love feels good. We all love to be in love, but for many love is fleeting and often elusive.

Memories, Lies and Limitations

Anything that keeps you from being a shining star is either a lie or a memory. What is limiting you? What is keeping you from the life you want to live?

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