A few reasons we’re different from other training programs.

Seamless Progression

We offer a seamless transition to becoming an EMDR expert. Check out our flow chart that outlines the process here.

Online Access to Training Videos

All participants are given access to our member’s section for a year! Once logged in, you can easily review training, demo’s and supplemental materials online.

Discounts on Advanced Trainings for Members

The Basic Training is just the beginning and we offer more.

Discounts for Employees of Sponsoring Agencies

We offer discounts to those that sponsor our Basic EMDR trainings. If you would like to apply to sponsor an event, please fill out this form.

Building EMDR Local Community

We train local Certified EMDR therapist to become Facilitators and Approved Consultants. Interested in becoming a facilitator? Click here.

Learn Resources by Experiencing Them

By staying attuned to the participants, Deb Kennard demonstrates keeping Social Engagement online with various resources and that helps facilitate learning!

Ready to start your EMDR Training?

From the EMDR basics to advanced techniques, we offer all the EMDR training that you need for your psychotherapy career!

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