Get to know the PTI team.

Deb Kennard | Founder & Trainer

With more than 20 years of clinical practice, Deborah Kennard developed Personal Transformation Institute. In addition to over 2 decades of EMDR experience, she is also certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. This combination brings you the most powerful EMDR basic training as well as a full range of advanced training opportunities.

Deb is passionate about EMDR training and includes the most comprehensive post-training support. During the training Deb uses the social engagement model to keep participants engaged and open to learning. She has a talent for taking complex ideas and making them practical enough to apply to clients.

Deb’s background also includes yoga and insight meditation. She brings all she has to the EMDR trainings, including a passion for fun!

Dr. Patty Giffin | Trainer

Dr. Patty Giffin brings experience and heart to the Personal Transformation Institute. As a yoga and meditation teacher, she naturally delivers mindfulness and body awareness into her EMDR trainings.

Patty’s rich background includes gestalt and psychodynamic training and studying with Dr. Mike Csikszentmihalyi while doing research on the flow state. In 2012 she became a volunteer trainer for EMDR HAP and traveled the country teaching EMDR.

In addition to being passionate about EMDR, she also enjoys outdoor activities around her home in Bend, Oregon. Patty loves to ski, hike, bike and kayak. She brings extensive experience in training, heart and a passion for adventure to the Personal Transformation Institute EMDR trainings!

Alice Stricklin | Trainer

We are created with the capacity for connection, growth, and healing. Sometimes things occur in our lives that block this natural order. I have dedicated my career to finding ways to walk along side others when this natural process is interrupted by pain.

Alice began her career over 10 years ago in the study of Marriage and Family Therapy. Her focus in training has centered around working with children, teens, and adults who have experienced trauma. Through her journey, Alice acquired training in EMDR Therapy.

Early on, she saw significant results with clients where people were finally able to heal from past hurts and grow past their past and begin forming new and healthier connections. Because of their success and testimony, Alice decided to deepen her understanding and use of EMDR therapy by becoming certified and later training to become a consultant through EMDRIA for other clinicians interested in becoming trained in EMDR Therapy. Alice is passionate about the helping people heal from the blocks of trauma as quickly and naturally as possible so they can move on with their lives. She is just as passionate about teaching other clinicians how to do this well. She continues to seek her own growth then offers new wisdoms to others.

Alice continues to work with clients of all ages, specifically those who have been pained by sexual abuse, neglect, childhood abuse, sexual assaults, and spiritual abuse. She has found ways to incorporate the model of EMDR with most any client who seeks her help.

Alice is located in Lebanon, TN, and does consultations via internet, phone conference, or face to face in either her Nashville or Lebanon office.

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