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We are offering a program for Certified EMDR therapists to become an EMDRIA approved Consultant by working as an assistant at our trainings, with no money out of your pocket. Please note that we are not currently accepting applicants who are already EMDRIA Approved Consultants.

We offer free Approved Consultant training in exchange for Certified Therapists assisting at our trainings and consultations.

If you are accepted into this program and demonstrate competency in consulting, at the end of your training you will have the opportunity to contract with Personal Transformation Institute and be paid to provide consultation for therapists who are going through our program. (For most Approved consultants, the biggest barrier to adding consultation to their practice is finding therapists who want consultation.) You will also be free to find and consult on your own.

The Personal Transformation Institute offers a variety of EMDR basic and Advanced Trainings across the country and we could bring a training to your area. Here is what would be required of you:

  1. Apply to become an assistant on the web site.
  2. Find 15 therapists in the area to be trained. (We can assist you in how to do this.)
  3. Assist at 2 complete basic trainings
  4. Observe 10 hours of group consultations.
  5. Be observed for 10 hours of group consultations.

Be aware that this is a training program that will require your commitment to learning how to teach and consult with therapist on the EMDR therapy model. You will need to show competency in order to be recommended to EMDRIA as an Approved Consultant. You will receive constant feedback and training along the way.


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