What others are saying about our training.

"Can’t wait to use this with clients"

This was an excellent training that was personally life changing. I can’t wait to use this with clients and continue my own EMDR work. I am grateful for Deborah, who is not only an amazing resource full of information and clear insights, but also models a way of living and interacting- I was so blessed by that. I’m inspired to live freely and teach others to do the same by these two components that I experienced this weekend.

– Training Participant

"She ignites the room"

Deb Kennard is warm, knowledgeable, and passionate in her teaching style. She ignites the room with her passionate energy for EMDR, clearly her life’s purpose. She empowers the student to expand their own boundaries to learning with unbridled energy. I find myself entering a new life phase desiring more knowledge about EMDR and its ability to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others.

Training Participant

"Kept me engaged"

I felt comfortable and welcome. I felt like you had not just an extensive knowledge of EMDR, but had a warm and an inviting nature that encouraged me to ask questions, kept me engaged, and helped me feel safe in the process. Thank you!

Training Participant

“This EMDR approach is a total game-changer for me.  Even though I haven’t even started doing processing with anyone yet, just the ideas behind the “answer” and insight this brings is enormously helpful to my clients.  The fact that we now have a tool to actually go in and shift early attachment trauma is utterly incredible!  It is just blowing my mind how huge this could be – we are actually helping to shift the foundations of a persons character structure!  Wow! 

“I’ve done healing work since 1992 and am not easily impressed by people or methods. I’m still learning about EMDR, but I’m impressed already with its rapid, penetrating efficacy.”

“I really appreciate the explanation of EMDR in relation to attachment issues.”

“Deb embodies the depth of presence, the quality of care, and the breadth of applied, experience-based knowledge which distinguish the best of true healers.”

“Absolutely wonderful!. The best training I have ever attended…seriously.”

“Very beneficial training. I know that my therapy practice will be greatly improved as a result of this training. Enjoyed the days and all that we learned.”

“This was excellent. Thank you so much!!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Deb’s teaching/coaching style. Her knowledge, warmth, smile, resources (esp her dancing?) were excellent.”

“It was one of the best trainings that I have ever been through. She had an innate ability to teach, get the point across and was engaged throughout.”

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