Transformative EMDR Therapy Training

“Anything that keeps you from being a shining star is either a lie or a memory.”
Welcome to the Personal Transformation Institute. Come on in!

Hello, I’m Deb Kennard, founder and trainer of the Personal Transformation Institute.  For over 20 years I have been dedicated to helping people find freedom.  I began my EMDR career over 20 years ago, trained by the founder, Francine Shapiro.  Ten years ago I had the opportunity to be personally trained by her to be an EMDR trainer.  I volunteered for over 7 years and 40 trainings for EMDR HAP.  In 2014 I developed this training to combine my trauma expertise and experience with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR.  I am also a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  

This training brings in the somatic and attachment therapies to the powerful EMDR therapy in a way that makes all of it simple and effective.Read how we are different!

This dedication continues with the development of our programs.   My goal is to offer an opportunity for transformation; transformation for the therapist, for the client and for the world.

We now have an amazing team of trainers and training coaches and together we are dedicated to offering the best training and support we possibly can.

To get a better idea of who we are and what we do, you can join our newsletter and get a 2 hour free webinar by clicking here Sign up for our Newsletter.  You are also welcome to join us for our monthly free webinars, Register here.

May we all be happy, peaceful and free.

Deb Kennard

Founder, Personal Transformation Institute

Our training programs are:


We provide a web-based Training Portal that can be securely accessed from your desktop or mobile device!


We offer the best after training support through the use of online groups, videos and advanced training.

Community Focused

We train local Certified EMDR therapist to become Facilitators and Approved Consultants.

"Can’t wait to use this with clients"

This was an excellent training that was personally life changing. I can’t wait to use this with clients and continue my own EMDR work. I am grateful for Deborah, who is not only an amazing resource full of information and clear insights, but also models a way of living and interacting- I was so blessed by that. I’m inspired to live freely and teach others to do the same by these two components that I experienced this weekend.

"She ignites the room"

Deb Kennard is warm, knowledgeable, and passionate in her teaching style. She ignites the room with her passionate energy for EMDR, clearly her life’s purpose. She empowers the student to expand their own boundaries to learning with unbridled energy. I find myself entering a new life phase desiring more knowledge about EMDR and its ability to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others.

"Thank you!"

I felt comfortable and welcome. I felt like you had not just an extensive knowledge of EMDR, but had a warm and an inviting nature that encouraged me to ask questions, kept me engaged, and helped me feel safe in the process. Thank you!

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